New for 2020!

My victorian café and shop is opening spring 2020!

Nyhet 2020!

Mitt café i 1800talsstil och butik öppnar våren 2020!

Se all information under fliken för cafèet ovan!

La Belle Epoque Design Bookproject is happening!

Preorders of the book summer/autumn 2020.

Mitt bokprojekt är igång! Förbeställningar av boken blir tillgängligt sommaren/hösten 2020.

Bokens Titel:

"La Belle Epoque Design-

My Victorian journey in pictures"

Visit my Etsy shop: LBEdesignsweden

New items added

My book LA BELLE EPOQUE DESIGN-MY VICTORIAN JOURNEY IN PICTURES, will be available for preorder summer/autumn 2020, and ready 2021.

The book is about trying to make my life more beautiful, a pictoral journey of my wardrobe and the places I visit and the events I do.

It will have some patterns, poems from 19th century, chapters of different settings from victorian life, such as the kitchen, with recipes from victorian and edwardian times, also showing my wardrobe from 1870-1905.

Read more under "My victorian journey in pictures"

Tickets are now available to our 3rd Officers Ball 2020!

Have a look under events!

Biljetter till vår tredje Officerarnas Bal går att köpa nu!

Mer information under fliken för Events ovan!


För mitt kommande bokprojekt..

Se information under Fotostudion La Belle Epoque