Our Story

So a new year ahead of us! The Officers balltickets are now available, and we have the most wonderful setting in Hjo for this year!

My 2021 bookproject is now in the making and planning lots of photoshoots during the next 2 years. The book will be available for preorder from middle of 2020 if all planning goes well. I will be advertising for models, keep an eye out!

Also lots of other things going on, which I can't reveal just yet!


Hopefully our very own victorian photostudio will be up and running by summer 2019!

So follow us on instagram (76labelleepoquedesign) and facebook and stay tuned!

Instagram is going really well and I now have over 10000 followers! Thank you very much for supporting my cause! To make the world more Belle Epoque!

Plans for 2019...and beyond...

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